What You Don’t Know About In Ground Pools May Shock You!

So, are you planning to transform your backyard into a luxurious, relaxing retreat? Or perhaps planning to add more value to your home so that you gain more profit when the time for selling it finally comes? Looking for a great way to cool off in summer and also to keep your family and friend entertained? Want customized a pool that is easy to maintain and naturally can’t find any? Why don’t you give in ground pools a try!

You’ll agree with me that choosing the best in ground pools can be a pretty tough task for you. Therefore you need to make some considerations before commencing on choosing the best in ground pools.

Now, If You Are Not Familiar with in Ground Pools Read On To Discover Top 2 Rated Types of In ground Pools That You Have To Give a Try!

Elegant Vinyl-Liner Pools:

In Ground Pools

Vinyl Liner Pools have walls that are made from galvanized steel plus a structural polymer making it be the ultimate solution to your in ground pools desires. Structural polymer allows you to give your pool a perfect shape with minimal limitations. Could it be you are looking for a salty water pool system? Vinyl Liner Pools has Powder Coated Steel Pool Walls, which helps to maintain your pools integrity.

Best features of Vinyl Liner Pools:

1. Durable and Flexible Material:

Vinyl Liner Pools made from Galvanized Steel, which helps the pool to rust long and to be able to escape salty water effects. Galvanized Steel also helps your Vinyl Liner Pools to remain in a stable state under high-stress situations.

2. Polymer Pool Structural Walls:

Polymer Pool Structural Walls It is light in weight and are also resistant to rust and do not corrode quickly. Polymer walls can also be engineered into different shapes to meet you dream pool shape. You are also assured to have a long lasting pool by having Polymer Pool Walls.

3. Fantastic Interior Finish:

The presence of a wide variety of liner patterns in the world allows you to choose a liner pattern that is just a perfect for your pool. Liners also play a significant role in not only giving your pool an excellent appearance but also creating a watertight seal

What are the advantages of Vinyl Liner Pools?

  • Have less initial capital due to the lower cost of material.
  • Vinyl liners can be customized therefore allowing you to have your dream pool depth and shape.
  • Easy to maintain due to non-porous surface offered by Vinyl liners which are associated with less chemical usage.

What are the disadvantages of Vinyl Liner Pools?

  • Vinyl liners lose their value. Therefore, they require frequent replacements.
  • Vinyl liner pools can fade over time in the presence of chlorine thus giving your pools an awful appearance. Fading makes your vinyl liner pools have a reduced resale value.

Fiberglass Pools:

types of inground pools

Fiberglass Pools are pools that are easy to maintain and have a non-porous finish that allows them to have a low maintenance cost. With proper chemical care. Fiberglass Pools do not require either replacement or re-plastering.

Best features of Fiberglass Pools:

1. Ultimate strength:

Fiberglass Pools have a higher tensile strength that allows it to withstand high pressure it has a tensile strength of about 28,346 pounds per square inch translating to a pressure of about 28,346 pounds that is needed to fracture one square unit of a fiberglass pool.

2. Efficient:

The absence of porous surface makes Fiberglass Pool to be less prone to algae attack. Fiberglass Pool helps you to save more since fewer chemicals are used to treat water.

3. Colored fiberglass pools option:

Fiberglass pools have an option of you choosing your favorite color beyond the standard white baby blue colors respectively. Colored fiberglass pool tends to rust for a long period without any repair.

What are the advantages of Fiberglass Pools?

  • Fiberglass Pools have a lower maintenance cost.
  • Fiberglass Pools can maintain their resell value due to incredible longevity.
  • A variety of colored finishes and new mold innovations have made Fiberglass Pools to be the aesthetics of concrete pools.

What are the disadvantages of Fiberglass Pools?

  • Fiberglass Pools can only go up to a depth of 8’ and 16’ wider, therefore, shape and depth are in limitation.
  • High initial cost due to the high cost of materials.

Worry no more about in ground pools since we did all the foot work for you in above information. Read on and make a wise decision of choosing in ground which best suits you taste!

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