Top 5 Pools For Small Yards Ideas

With the growth of real estate, the concept of small pools is also becoming more and more interesting. Previously, having a swimming pool in a house meant something huge, and people used to imagine, having a huge compound. But now, the concept of having a pool inside a house has changed. The modern way of accommodating pools, in the real estate, is termed as pools for small yards. These are, as the name suggests small pools, made in such a way so that it can be easily fitted in one’s yard.

A backyard swimming pool is not that different from other swimming pools, just it is compact, and is much more beautiful. The specialty of these type of pools is that it requires minimum space, and yet gives the house a regal look. Even having a small backyard won’t effect the installation of a swimming pool, as the concept pools for small yards comes handy.

While thinking of pools for small yards, one must wonder, which will be the best option for it, will it be concrete, vinyl or fiberglass. Well, each has its pros and cons. While fiberglass is low maintenance, vinyl liner pools are nonabrasive and concrete ones are flexible with shape, size, and design.

This Are 5 Best Ideas Pools for Small Yards

1. Rectangular pools

Pools for small Yards

Most of the houses have a simple design, with a cubic or rectangular area, and the interiors are also built in the same way. Since the plot is cubic, it is believed, that the surrounding of the house will be something like that too, so having a traditional, rectangular in ground pools is not at all a bad idea. This pool will look like the extension of the house and will also give the feel of a real swimming pool. It is a classic and is never fail, and one can start with small pools like 9 by 18 feet.

2. Circular pools

Pools for small Yards

These are the new types of pool, where it is either oval shaped, or it is in a shape of a circle. Usually, these types of pools are made in the backyard and is surrounded by garden or trees, to give it a natural touch. They are not that small in size, as creating a circular pool consumes a bit of space. The fun part about this type of pool is that, not only it is a bit unique, but it also gives the feeling of as if sitting or swimming inside a bowl.

3. Curvy pools

Pools for small Yards

Not a fan of rectangular pools, well not to worry, there are ones with curves. Just like the curvy body is becoming a trend, the same way curvy pools are winning people. These are the pools with irregular shapes, and cool twist and turns. When combined with a good surrounding and well fitted underwater lights, they can give the feeling of tropical places and are considered exotic. These pools, offer a modern vibe to the house and gives an elegant yet gorgeous look to the place. They are comparatively small in size, and take up very less space, and the bends can be made by space. Usually, they are layered with steps till the base.

4. Plunge pools

Pools for small Yards

Plunge pools are for those, where space is constricted, as these pools are more in depth than on width or length. They require very little square space, and the constructors have discovered ways of making it deep. It is more of a dipping pool and is very easy to maintain, and is even good for health, and stress busting.

5. Fancy pools

Pools for small Yards

Want to convert the backyard, into a whole new luxury world, well the best way to do it is to plan a fancy pool. The pool might be a simple rectangular one but make its surrounding special. You can place lounges, pull a barbecue station, a dock, built a fireplace, use waterproof lights, and make the pool glow at night and enjoy the night under the stars while soaking your legs in the water.

While concluding this, all that is needed to be mentioned is getting the pools for small yards not that difficult. What is tough is maintaining it properly. Because once you know how to maintain it properly, choosing a pool design is not that a big problem. So, install a good pool and make your home look great.

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