Here A Few Above Ground Pool Maintenance Tips That Will Come Handy

Getting an above ground pool is a lot of work. Has anyone ever told you that it is easier to install a pool than to maintain it? If no, this is the first thing you need to know before you get a pool for your home. Above ground pool maintenance is not easy. With a pool in house, you will have to devote a few hours from your weekends to maintain it. It is important too — if you do not want to add too many chemicals to the water, you must make every effort to keep your swimming pool clean at all times.

Here are a few above ground pool maintenance tips that will make your work easier

Above ground pool maintenance

1. Make skimming a part of your above ground pool maintenance regime

This is the best above ground pool maintenance tip anyone will give you. Skimming is one of the best ways of keeping the debris and dirt away from your pool. Skimming is important as it keeps the filters and in turn, pools from getting clogged. If not skimmed in time, debris and dirt sink to the bottom of the pool and clog filters. You can use a skim net to remove wastes from the surface of the water. Similarly, you should also clean strainer baskets at least once every week. Doing these two things will enhance your pool’s circulation system. If you want to keep your swimming pool clean, make skimming and cleaning baskets a part of your weekly above ground maintenance routine.

2. Keep the walls and tiles clean

Here’s another important above ground pool maintenance tip – skimming isn’t the only thing you should do to keep your pool well-maintained. If you want your pool to look as good as new for many years to come, you will have to make efforts to keep its walls and tiles clean as well. Over time, it so happens that pool walls get deposits of calcium and algae over it. If left untreated, these deposits can ruin pool water.

This is precisely why you should make cleaning walls and tiles of your pool a part of your regular above ground pool maintenance regime. While you can clean the area around your swimming pool with a vacuum cleaner, you will have to use a hard brush to clean the walls and a soft brush to clean the tiles or fiberglass walls (read more about fiberglass pools here). You can also use baking soda paste to clean pool walls and tiles.

3. Check the chemical balance of your pool water from time to time

Improperly balanced water can cause many problems. It can lead to skin irritation as well allergies. This is precisely why it is extremely important to keep a check on the chemical balance of your pool’s water from time to time. In general, you should check your pool’s water for these two chemicals: chlorine and cyanuric acid. While cyanuric acid protects chlorine content against sunlight, chlorine itself is responsible for keeping the pool water free of germs. Apart from this, you should also ensure that the pH level of the water is between 7.5 and 7.8 and the calcium hardness does not shoot beyond 350.

4. Here’s a hack – Use a tennis ball to absorb oils

This is one the best above ground pool maintenance hacks. When people enter a swimming pool, they generally add a variety of oils to the water. Whether you are wearing make-up, sunscreen lotion or hair oil, chances are you will leave behind a bit of it in the pool water. When that happens, a tennis ball will be your best friend. You can either leave a couple of tennis balls in the swimming pool or you can add one or two of them to the skimmer basket. Apart from serving as pool toys, these tennis balls will also successfully soak any oils.

5. Get your heater checked by a professional

Yet another important above ground pool maintenance tip is this — you should get your heater checked by a professional. Though both electric and gas heaters can work for long years without asking for a service, it is only smart to get them checked once every year. Sometimes, it so happens that the tubes within the heaters get clogged by calcium deposits. When this happens, heaters either stop working completely or do an inefficient job. If your swimming pool heater is not working properly, it is time to call an expert.

6. Checking the water level should be a part of your above ground pool maintenance routine

Keeping the water level at an optimum height is important. If the water level is too low, it affects the working of the filter. It can also ruin your pool’s pump. Likewise, if the water is too high, it spills out causing wastage and untidiness. This is precisely why you must check your pool’s water level from time to time. Here’s an above ground pool maintenance trick — if the water has sunken low, use a garden hose to put some extra water in the pool. If the water level has surpassed the optimal height, use a pump to get rid of the extra water.

We hope that these above ground pool maintenance hacks and tips will prove to be useful to our readers.

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