Few Decking Ideas for Above Ground Pools With Decks

Above ground pools are a perfect choice for people who do not want to go overboard with their budget. These pools are not only cost-effective, they are also quite easy to install and maintain. Above ground pools with decks are a great choice for people with kids. The deck will not only give your swimming pool a more polished look, it will also make the pool safer. Above ground pools do not come with a deck. In most cases, the responsibility of getting a deck installed falls upon swimming pool owners.

above ground pools with decks

Here are a few designs that you can use to create impressive above ground pools with decks

Go with a wooden deck

If you have been playing with the idea of getting a deck installed, give wooden decks a thought. Wooden decks are quite popular among home owners looking to get above ground pools with decks. Since wood can be crafted into any shape and size, wooden decks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can also be customized to suit an individual’s taste. Not just that, a wooden deck will give your home the feel of an exotic resort and add to overall ambience of your backyard.


Aluminium decks are for people who prefer to be extra safe

Above ground pools with decks can act as the centre-piece of your backyard. If you are thinking of getting a deck installed around your pool, one of the options is an aluminium deck. The best thing about aluminium decks is that they are quite durable. Once you install them successfully, they will stay with you for many years. Not just that, the carpet flooring on aluminium decks is quite comfortable to walk on. However, compared to wooden decks, aluminium decks are slightly more expensive. If you are on a budget, this isn’t the best option for you.

Natural stones will give your pool a luxurious feel

Above ground pools look best when the deck is made of natural stone. There are many different kinds of natural stones that can be used for building pool decks. Travertine is one of the most durable choices among natural stones. Flagstone, on the other hand, can easily resist the destructive effect of sun and heat. Bluestone is not only durable, it is also non-slippery and water resistant. Limestone is an ideal choice for places that suffer from extreme weather conditions. If you want to make your pool look splendidly luxurious, use granite. There is no denying that when it comes to above ground pools with decks, natural stones make the perfect raw material for decks. However, natural stones are quite expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. If you are are on a tight budget, natural stone decks are not for you.

Composite Decks are a good option for above ground pools with decks

Composite decks work best for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on getting above ground pools with decks. Composite decking is not only modern, it is also cheap and effective. Until a few years ago, people had only a few choices when it came to composite decking. However, things have changed for good now. Today, from wood to plastic, there are so many materials available that can be used to create composite decks. Though composite decks are low maintenance, durable and long-lasting, these decks also do have certain disadvantages. For starters, they can get quite slippery during the rainy season. Similarly, these decks also absorb sun’s direct heat and can become quite warm during summers. Last, though they will stay with you for a long time, they begin to fade away after only a few years.

The best thing about above ground pools with decks are that they look beautiful. Above ground pools that do not have a deck look like an eye sore. However, decks can be used to cover the bottom area of an above ground pool. As a matter of fact, by adding a deck, any pool can be given the look and feel of an inground pool. If you are toying with the idea of above ground pools with decks, give the aforementioned pool deck ideas a thought. Do your research well and choose a decking option that fits your pocket as well as your home.