How to Create an Above Ground Pool With Deep End

The best thing about above ground pools is that they occupy little space. They are perfect for home owners who have small backyards. However, the only problem with these pools is that they are not very deep. While you will be able to enjoy a fun rejuvenating session in them, they won’t give you the feeling of an actual inground swimming pool. The good part is any above ground pool can be converted into an above ground pool with deep end. However, how deep can a pool be made will depend entirely on the size of the pool. While large-sized above ground pools can easily be made quite deep, the same will not be possible if you have a small pool.

Most above ground pools are about 4 feet deep. They are about an inch deeper at the center. However, since it is illogical to fill the pool with water reaching its brim, the real average height of any above ground pool measures close to 3.5 feet towards the walls and 4.5 feet deep at the center. At 3.5 feet, any above ground pool may seem shallow. This is precisely why most people look to convert their above ground pool into an above ground pool with deep end. Here is another thing worth mentioning — while any round pool can be transformed into an above ground pool with deep end, oval pools are not designed to undergo this change. Most oval pools will require structural mending if you wish to turn them into an above ground pool with deep end.

There are essentially two different kinds of deep ends you can create in any above ground pool. While structural deep ends are created by changing the shape of the liner as well as the deep-end channels, bowl deep ends are created by creating tension within the flat base liner. Structural deep ends are deeper in size and can accommodate up to 600 mm of extra water. Bowl deep ends, on the other hand, will enhance your pool’s water holding capacity by about 300 mm.

If you have an oval pool and you wish to convert it into an above ground pool, you can do so by creating a structural deep end. However, structural deep ends are difficult to create and you will need an expert to do the job for you. Not just that, to have a structural deep end created in your pool, you will have to spend some big bucks. Contrarily, bowl deep ends are not just cost-effective, they are also easier to make. Creating a bow deep end can be your next DIY project.

How to create an above ground pool with deep end?

above ground pool with deep end

Follow these simple steps to convert your normal above ground pool into an above ground pool with deep end.

1. Start by emptying your pool of all the water. You will then have to remove your pool’s liner.

2. Once you have managed to remove the liner, start digging out all the sand you had fused underneath the liner. Since you want to make the pool deeper only at the center, the digging process should happen only at the center and not towards the wall. If your pool has any foam or pad, remove it too. However, you must ensure that the trench you create is smooth and not an abrupt fall.

3. Here’s an important tip you must remember while trying to create an above ground pool with deep end — do not create an bowl end that’s deeper than 8 to 10 inches.

4. Once you have managed to carve out a bowl-shaped deep end into your swimming pool, take the sand you took out while digging and use it to create a leveled ground. Use a rake to make the ground absolutely even. This step is quite important and should be done with utmost care.

5. Once you are satisfied with leveling, install the liner back. Since most liners are quite stretchable, you will have absolutely no problems in making the liner fit the shape of your new swimming place. Secure it in place and your above ground pool with deep end is ready. You can read more about the liner installation process here (deep link to the article on above ground pool liners).

It is quite easy to create an above ground pool with deep end. However, certain parts of the process may turn out to be trickier than you think. If you get stuck at any point, hire a professional to do the job for you. When not done right, any above ground pool with deep end can prove to be quite risky.