An Above Ground Lap Pool May be Exactly What You’re Looking For

Do you own a home and have been looking to add a pool without the expensive cost of installation? Then an above ground lap pool may be the solution you’re looking for. Adding an above ground pool to your backyard is a great way to enjoy time relaxing in the afternoon and the benefits of having a pool can not only relieve stress, but it can also add value to your home.

Advantages of an above ground lap pool over conventional in ground pools

Above Ground Lap Pool

One of the biggest factors for purchasing an above ground lap pool is that there is no need for heavy machines to excavate and remove dirt from the property. The savings for not needing the excavation service can run anywhere between a couple thousand to tens of thousands.

Another huge advantage of the above ground setup is that the pool can be quickly assembled in a few days with a team of installers. If you are looking for a pool in a hurry, this is the best way to go.

There also may be times when you would like a bigger pool or would like to chance the shape of the pool. For conventional pools, what you see if what you get, but when it comes to above ground lap pools, extensions can be added onto the sides allowing for a bigger swimming area.

These pools are also generally sold with a depth of 48 or 52 inches which is perfect for children.

Things to consider when purchasing an above ground pool

When you do purchase an above ground lap pool, you will most likely want to build a deck to go around one side of the pool for easy access. Stairs going up the deck make a great way to enter the pool so you do not have to have a ladder on the side.  To make sure you have room for everything, you should survey your property and make sure there is enough space to fit both the pool, and any other structure you wish to be built with it.

above ground lap pool

Pools that are above the ground may also have a faster rate of water evaporation since they tend to be less insulated. This problem can be avoided by purchasing a pool cover and adding more insulation to the sides to keep the sun’s heat from changing the temperature of the water.

Another point to consider is that the pool may be too shallow for diving. That is why many pools that are above the ground are used generally used for swimming laps and come in a round or an oval shape.

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Health Benefits of having a pool

Purchasing a swimming pool can greatly improve a person’s quality of life.

Some of the benefits of owning a swimming pool may include

  1. Low impact fitness – Swimming laps may be one of the best exercises for people who experience joint pain which makes is difficult to run or walk. The gentle glide of swimming through the water can be done with minimum impact to the body.
  2. Stress relief – It has been said that water has a calming effect of those around them. Having a beautiful pool to look at, even if you’re not swimming can help people relax.
  3. Fun Family and Party Time – Pools are a great way to have fun with friends and family too. Hours of splashing around and enjoying the sun can be a great way to spend the afternoon with loved ones.
  4. Adding Value to your property – A nice looking pool with a great deck can make your home move desirable for future people who may wish to purchase your property.

Purchasing an Above Ground Pool Kit

Before you purchase an above ground pool, you should read the reviews to see what the pros and cons are of each type available. Some pools come with sturdy insulated walls which may be best to fight water evaporation. Others may come with inflatable walls which could pop after a couple months of use.

The best thing to consider when purchasing an above ground pool is how long you would like the pool to last.  If it is just for the summer, then you may want to purchase an inexpensive one which can be taken down for the winter. For those who live in hotter climates and would like to build a deck, you may want to look for an above ground lap pool which also comes with insulation to stop evaporation.

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