5 Above Ground Pool Ideas to Make Your Backyard Look Even More Beautiful

Above ground pools are not only rejuvenating in purpose, they also add style and beauty to your home. Contrary to inground pools, above ground pools are easy to install and maintain. If you are thinking of turning your backyard into your favourite past time place this summer, get an above ground pool. After all, there is nothing more refreshing than a swim. Not just that, you can also turn your backyard into an exquisite lounging space by making a few changes and adding a few things around your pool. Here are a few above ground pool ideas that will come handy while you are on a mission to transform your backyard. The best part about these above ground pool ideas is that they won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

5 Above Ground Pool Ideas

above ground pool ideas

1. Start by creating a beautiful deck

Here’s one of the best above ground pool ideas – start with decks. Decks do not only add safety to your above ground pool, they also give your pool and backyard a more refined and polished look. There are a number of different kinds of decks you can choose to go with. Since it is easy to craft wood into literally any shape and design, wooden decks are the most popular choice among pool owners. However, if you would like to go with something more stylish, aluminium decks make a great above ground pool idea. Aluminium decks are more durable and quite comfortable to walk on. However, if you have money to splurge, we will recommend you to go with stone decks. There is nothing more classier than a stone deck. You can even create a pebbled area around your pool to give it the feel of a tropical resort.

2. Use fencing to make it even more safer

One of the best things about above ground pools is that they are quite high above the ground and therefore, are inaccessible to children. This makes above ground pools a safe option for people with families, However, if you are forever worried about the safety of your kids, we have some amazing above ground pool ideas that will make your pool area even more safer. Start by adding a fence around your pool. Add a metal fencing to give your pool a more finished look. You can decorate the ground area around the pool by adding ferns and potted plants. These plants will give your pool some much needed life and colour without weighing heavily on your pocket.

3. Forget about run-of-the-mill above ground pool ideas. Instead, use your own creativity

While there are so many above ground pool ideas you can pick up from the internet and so many things you can buy from a home store to add to your pool area, there is nothing like adding things that reflect your taste. If you want your pool area to be a reflection of how you like things to be, use your mind to come up with above ground pool ideas that reflect your taste. You should decorate your pool with things that please your taste. There is so much you can do with bottles and lights. Likewise, if you are fond of painting, your backyard and the pool area can provide the perfect backdrop against which you can set up your canvas. Similarly, if you are fond of food, you can even add a barbecue for those fun summer nights with friends. By doing things your way, you will also be able to save a lot of money.

4. Turn your above ground pool into an inground one

If you think that your above ground pool looks like an eye sore, you can do a lot about it. There are so many above ground pool ideas that will help you turn your above ground pool into an inground one. For instance, by creating an alleviated wooden desk that reaches the height of the pool, you can give your pool an illusion of being an inground pool. When done right, this kind of a set-up will make your pool look like a sunken bathtub embedded into the framework of the wooden deck. Similarly, there are many companies that create above ground pools that can be embedded or buried into the ground. Go for one of these.

5. Here’s one of the best above ground pool ideas – get a shade installed

This is one of the best above ground pool ideas any one will give you. When people get pools, they often make the mistake of leaving it open. If you truly want to enjoy your pool during all kinds of weather, get a shade installed. A shade will not only help in keeping your pool clean, it will also help you create a patio-like area around the pool where you can sit comfortably and relax. Add a few chairs where you can lounge while sipping a beer. If you can afford to splurge some money, get a fountain installed in a corner. This will only add to the overall beauty of your backyard.

Frankly speaking, this list is non-exhaustive. There is so much you can do with your pool area. We hope that you enjoyed reading about these above ground pool ideas as much as we enjoyed writing about them.

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