5 Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Pool and Backyard

There is so much home owners can do with the pool in their backyard. If you have left your pool to its own, you are doing great injustice to it. With a little bit of effort and creativity, any pool can be made to resemble a beautiful lounging area, party venue, tropical resort and much more. Why book a party hall when you have a beautiful backyard designed to entertain guests? Above ground pool landscaping will allow you to change the look and feel of your pool area.

Here are a few above ground pool landscaping ideas that will help you revamp your pool and backyard

above ground pool landscaping ideas

1. Use natural things to beautify your pool

Plants are the most cost-effective way of doing above ground pool landscaping. To cover that part of the swimming pool which is above the ground, use small potted plants. These plants will not only cover the unsightly parts of your swimming pool, they will also make your swimming pool look more vibrant and beautiful. However, if you want your pool area to stand out from everyone else’s, plant tall trees. Though these trees will take years to attain their true height, once they reach it, they will give your backyard the look of a forest. Not just that, plants can be used to protect the pool area from those unwanted neighbors who are always peeping into your backyard.

2. Use supplements

Here’s a great above ground pool landscaping idea — make your pool area more luxurious with the help of external supplements. For instance, if you wish to give your backyard the feel of a tropical resort, you can add a small Jacuzzi overlooking the pool. If you have money to splurge, you can even add a spa. Similarly, if you are someone who likes to play the host, you can benefit greatly by adding a small barbecue to your pool area. With a barbecue in place, you will be able to entertain your guests with good food as soon as they are done enjoying a good swim.

3. Bring nature into your backyard

If you wish to bring nature into your backyard, this above ground pool landscaping idea will come handy. Start by getting natural rocks. These natural rocks will make your backyard resemble a natural ecosystem which you can beautify by adding premier pieces like a waterfall or a fountain. These pieces will make your backyard more lively and charming. You can also add a bridge or a walk to make your pool look even more natural. Last, finish by adding colorful plants. These plants will not only make your backyard more nature-like, they will bring some color and vividness into your backyard.

4. Here’s an interesting above ground pool landscaping idea – make your pool a part of your home

While most people install above ground pools into their backyard, you can digress from the norm and make your pool area a part of your home. This does not necessarily mean installing an above ground pool inside your room. It simply means that you can make your swimming pool area a part of your home by installing certain pieces that will give your pool a more comfortable and homely feel. Here are a few above ground pool landscaping ideas you can use for this purpose. Start by ensuring that the color scheme around your pool resembles the color scheme of your home. The interiors should match too. Next, adding a television set or an electric chimney will make your pool area resemble your home. Likewise, adding plush chairs and stunning tables will serve the same purpose.

5. Lights are all you need

If you have been thinking about above ground pool landscaping ideas that are inexpensive, lights are the first thing you should think of. There is so much you can do with lights. Infuse glass bottles with small lights and use them to light the pool area. Add bigger elements like pumpkin lights to create central pieces. By adding a few candle stands, you can convert your pool area into the perfect place for a romantic date night.

Above ground pool landscaping is easy. The best part is that above ground pool landscaping can be easily done with natural and inexpensive things. You do not necessarily have to spend big bucks to make your swimming pool look beautiful. All you need is creativity and imagination. Let your imagination run free.

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